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Welcome to Shadow Mountain Tech

Working toward just-in-time direct-to-brain information delivery.

Shadow Mountain Tech specializes in helping you visualize your future products through the use of simulations, and in integrating and customizing online user assistance and information systems with your products to make them easier for your customers to understand and use.

Don Lammers is now working full time as Publication Support Engineer for Xilinx, Inc. in Longmont Colorado. He maintains one of over 20 help files associated with the Xilinx ISE software suite and is otherwise having fun making life easier for the other writers and the localization team. He still takes on occasional outside work.

The Company

Shadow Mountain Tech was created by Don Lammers in 1989 as a technical writing service, and now provides consulting, writing, and programming services to help make your products easier to understand. Shadow Mountain Tech also provides several free utilities for extending WinHelp, as well as references for programming user assistance and connecting it to your applications.


Shadow Mountain Tech offers the following services to help you make your products easier to understand.

Online Help and documentation created by Shadow Mountain Tech for the Hewlett-Packard Company has won STC regional and international awards.

Partial client list

  • Strand Lighting
    Employed by Strand Lighting as a field service technician and then as national field service manager since soon after leaving college, Don became their documentation manager after moving to Colorado, working with engineers and programmers in Los Angeles and London. Now working as Shadow Mountain Tech, Don still creates documentation for Strand products.
  • Hewlett-Packard (Loveland Instrument Division, Greeley Hardcopy Division, Home Imaging Division, Colorado Personal Storage Systems Division)
    Don has created user interface simulations, coaches, and troubleshooting wizards, and award winning manuals and Help for various HP divisions. Currently he is working mostly with HP imaging products.
  • Customer Insight Systems
  • Riteline Systems
  • Practical Software Solutions


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