Connecting Help to Visual Basic

This presentation was last presentaed at the Help-U conference in November 1999. The links on this page will get you to the original Help-U conference material. The content of this session has now been split up and updated, and is available in several white papers which you can download from the Programming page.


Conference notes and slides for this session (about 28 KB).


These may contain bugs. Use at your own risk. All examples can be set to call WinHelp or HTML Help. To switch between the two modes, go to the About screen (from the Help menu, choose About). The subclassing example contains a training card Help example in WinHelp, but not in HTML Help. HTML Help training cards are implemented by using an ActiveX control in your HTML files. This is documented in the Reference section of the HTML Help Workshop Help.


Specific resources, and direct links to other resources, about connecting online Help to Visual Basic programs.

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